Talent Excel is passionate about sourcing and developing Talent. Our 50 people team Pan-India follows a rigorous proprietary process to search talent at junior, mid-level and senior level for a variety of industries and job positions. Our team comprises of seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts, professional trainers and passionate youngsters to help you hire the best talent using our 3S model (Source, Screen and Select).

Creating Opportunities…Accelerating Growth Together

There is abundance in the universe and yet we as individuals and organizations realize only a fraction of it. Work and Business to most has become an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit often leading to mere survival or incremental growth. The way we think, focus, learn, act, form habits, organize and relate matters a lot for the growth we desire. Tough to do it all alone, but if you desire strong enough, our team can back you up.

Talent Excel has assembled a solid team of mentors and coaches to help Individuals and Organizations Grow. We love to foster human potential, we love to Co-Create. Our view is long term but we are also sensitive to your short term constraints.

Our Growth Services for Individual include helping them discover themselves, setting a career direction for them, crafting their career and elevating their performance.